4 Tips for Travelling Australia in a Camper Trailer

4 Tips for Travelling Australia in a Camper Trailer

You did it! You either bought your camper trailer for that epic trip! 

Now what?

1. Set your budget, them add another 20% for emergencies.

How much resources can you put into this trip? Think of how much will you realistically spend on food and entertainment? 

Create a basic itinerary and do the kilometre math to see how much you are likely to spend in petrol alone. Keep in mind, finding a place to park isn’t always free.

Will you need to hook up to electricity some nights or are you bringing your own generator? That’s going to cost as well especially if you need to also buy the generator. Creating a spreadsheet and tracking your purchases as you go will help you see if you’re on track (or need to cut back on the beers).

2. Plan a route

How long is this trip? Where is your end goal? What do you want to see along the way? Will the car need servicing along the way? Keep an open mind and itinerary so you can pull over whenever you see an interesting place: choose your own RV adventure! Don’t be like me, packing my travels with crazy-long days; part of the beauty of camper trailer and caravan travel is taking the time to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery, taking scenic routes and stopping at look-outs.

camper pantry

3. Pack as little as you can, even for the kids

There are Laundromats abound and grocery stores galore: don’t overfill your space-precious camper with too much stuff. It will not only weigh the vehicle down and push the cost of petrol higher but also get messy quickly. You’ll thank yourself later if you learn to live by the mantra, ‘less is more’.

4. Enjoy the great outdoors

Bring some camping chairs and a little table, sit outside and enjoy the sunset. You got this thing to enjoy Australia so make the most of it and breath in some fresh outback air. Disconnect from technology and connect with your travelling partner: that’s what this trip is all about.

Ranger Limited Fire

The Next Steps
A camper trailer could be what you need to add more adventure to your weekends, contact the Maverick Campers team today. We’d be happy to help and answer any enquiries you have about our Campers and Caravans.

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