Camper Trailer Adelaide

Camper Trailer Adelaide

Why Should You Invest in A Camper Trailer?

Camper trailer Adelaide designs have revolutionised the way people travel, because you get the sense of adventure that stems from a genuine camping experience, but with all the comfort of home. They’re quick to set-up, lightweight for easy towing, and even come in 4WD options with fantastic suspension and durable structures to handle rough terrain. A camper trailer Adelaide is typically much easier to store than a caravan, and most importantly—won’t break the bank. Maverick Campers is home to Australia’s best range of campers, each with their own distinctive structure and list of features to accommodate various types of travellers. Whether you’re a lone ranger looking for a sidekick or need something to fit the whole family during those long-weekend getaways, we have the perfect solution for you. Stop by our Wingfield showroom to have a try before you buy! Our friendly consultants will walk you through the details.

5 of SAs Best Locations to Take Your Camper Trailer Adelaide

The best aspects of investing in a camper trailer Adelaide is the flexibility and freedom. Your fully equipped portable home is ready to go when you need it, and often they take less than 5 minutes to set-up once you’ve actually reached your destination. Here are some of the South Australian hotspots we recommend taking yours!

Innes National Park: An abundance of campgrounds and unique coastline absolutely spoils you for choice. Innes National Park is known for bushwalking, fishing and surfing opportunities—complemented by great community spirit.

Flinders Ranges: For a more cultural experience, the Flinders Rangers makes for an incredible camping location. The area boasts beautiful cliff-faces, endless hiking trails, and miles of red dusty roads that leave you plenty of private space to park up.

Few of our other top recommendations include the Limestone Coast, Eyre Peninsula (particularly Coffin Bay) and Kuitpo Forest.

Camper Trailer Adelaide
Camper Trailer Adelaide

Why Choose Maverick Campers?

Why buy your camper trailer Adelaide from Maverick Campers? Well, we specialise in making premium affordable. As keen campers, we understand that little getaways are more than just a way to fill time. They’re part of a lifestyle that’s built on the foundation of appreciation for what our beautiful country has to offer. That’s why our designs are carefully engineered to make your overall experience as simple and convenient as possible, so you can just kick-back and enjoy the view. Our range includes forward, rear and dual folding options to meet your storage needs. Depending on the model you select, they also come equipped with appliances like stainless steel kitchens, cooktops, outdoor toilets and showers—leaving no room for compromise when it comes to comfort and accessibility. Every purchase you make is backed by our 5-year structural guarantee, because we’re confident your camper trailer Adelaide will last a lifetime!

If you’re ready to transform the way you travel, contact us via 1300 628 494, drop into our Wingfield showroom or leave an enquiry on our website and we’ll deliver the prompt guidance you need. Your new camper trailer Adelaide will be an absolute game changer!
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