Camper Trailers For Sale Adelaide

Camper Trailers For Sale Adelaide

Change the Way You Travel

If you’re looking for camper trailers for sale Adelaide, you need to stop by Maverick Campers—home to some of the most reliable road companions on the market. The owner of Maverick Campers built the business on the foundation of complete transparency, and fantastic customer service. We understand that investments like camper trailers and caravans aren’t taken lightly, and there’s a number of factors to consider before making your selection. Some of these include:

How many people you need to accommodate
Whether it needs to be suitable for off-road travel
Which configuration suits your style of travel best i.e. do you need something you can quickly set-up and pack down like a rear fold trailer, or something more structurally equipped for longer periods of use like a forward fold trailer.
If you’re unsure where to start, our well-travelled consultants will happily walk you through our camper trailers for sale Adelaide!

A Sneak Peek into Our Camper Trailers for Sale Adelaide!

Our range of camper trailers for sale Adelaide is diverse both in style and in price, starting at a mere $16,990 for a basic yet practical set-up. This is the price of our Maverick Hornet Roof Top Camper, which is one of the most convenient travel buddies a fond camper could ask for. The expected set-up time sits under the three-minute mark, and it’s equipped with all your kitchen needs including a 3-burner cooktop with glass lid, and stainless-steel external kitchen construction. The Hornet is part of our 4WD range, built with independent trailing arm suspension with 4x shock absorption for seamless travel over rough terrain.

If you’re after something slightly more decked out for family travel, the Maverick Dual Fold Camper is definitely worth a look. It comes with a number of luxury inclusions like two double beds, a wind-down table with leather-look seating, and plenty of storage space.

Camper Trailers For Sale Adelaide
Camper Trailers For Sale Adelaide

Get Up and Go with Your New Camper Trailer!

If you’ve got a free weekend approaching, there’s no better time to start scoping out camper trailers for sale Adelaide. An old routine can often leave you craving some spontaneity, and with the ability to get up and go whenever suits, a fully equipped camper trailer will open up plenty of opportunity for excitement.

Unlike tent camping that requires tedious packing, planning and often compromises comfort—camper trailers have revolutionised the experience by providing the perfect balance between comfort and thrill.

In the engineering of our campers, we account for everything from structural integrity and weather resistance, through to convenience and practicality. Even the chassis’ and drawbars are hot dipped galvanised inside and out for corrosion resistance. Every purchase made from Maverick Campers is backed by a 5-year structural warranty, and a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty for added peace of mind. It’s time to transform the way you travel with our camper trailers for sale Adelaide.

For more information on our camper trailers for sale Adelaide, make sure to drop by our Wingfield showroom or give us a call to speak with one of our experienced consultants.
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