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Camping Queensland | How to get to Fraser Island.

Meet the unofficial home of the dingo and the world’s largest sand island, Fraser Island (K’Gari). At 122km long, this World Heritage-listed area has endless white-sand beaches, tropical rainforests, sand dunes and freshwater lakes.

Fraser Island is one of those experiences that everyone should do at least once in their life, and there is no better place for you to put your camper to its paces and relax by the beach with the whole family.

But how do you actually get to the island? Here are some things you should know.

Fraser Island barge manta ray

Fraser Island barge – leaving from Inskip Point
The Manta Ray barge operates 365 days from 6.00am to 5.15pm and leaves every 30 minutes. The total trip from Inskip Point to Fraser Island takes approximately 10 minutes.

Fares at time of publishing are:
Car/4wd (including passengers) – $120.00 return
Car/4wd + Trailer (up to 5 Metres) – $190.00 return
Car/4wd + Trailer (5 Metres and up) – $220.00 return
Motorbikes – $50.00 return

You can purchase your Fraser Island barge ticket and permits on board or at the Manta Ray Barge & Permit Office. Office is located at 66 Rainbow Beach Rd, Rainbow Beach (only 15 minutes from Inskip Point). You can find out more information here.

Get a Fraser Island map and tides chart here, it will come handy.

Fraser Island barge – leaving from River Heads
The Kingfisher Bay barge operates daily from River Heads (approx. 30 minutes from Hervey Bay) to Kingfisher Bay Resort on the western side of Fraser Island.
Departure times from River Heads daily at: 6.45am, 9.00am, 12.30pm, 3.30pm and 6.45pm.
Departure times from Kingfisher Bay Resort at: 7.50 am, 10.30am, 2.00pm, 5.00pm and 8.30pm.

Fares at time of publishing are:
Car/standard 4wd (Including driver only) – $200.00 return
Large 4wd (Including driver only) – $270.00 return
Trailer, camper, boat (up to 4 Metres) – $115.00 return
Trailer, camper, boat (up to 7 Metres) – $153.00 return
Motorbikes (including rider only) – $100.00 return
*$5.00 per extra vehicle passenger

You can collect your tickets from the Ticket Hut adjacent to the ferry ramp.

Fly – leaving from Sunshine Coast and Hervey Bay

If you only want to visit the island for the day, you can take a scenic flight from the Sunshine Coast or Hervey Bay to Fraser Island. On arrival, you can then collect a 4wd and spend the day exploring Fraser Island things to do at your own pace.

Fares at time of publishing are:
From $305* per person, including return flights

To find out more information or to organise your flights and 4wd experience, visit Air Fraser Island.

The Next Steps

Want to stay for a little longer and find your own little corner of the island?

Well, a camper trailer or hybrid caravan may just be what you need. If this is how you are planning to explore Fraser Island, get in touch with us and we will be more tham happy to assist.

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