Caravans For Sale Melbourne

Caravans For Sale Melbourne

Maverick Campers Enhancing Your Travel Experience

If you’re looking for ways to make your lifestyle more exciting, we guarantee you our caravans for sale Melbourne are exactly what you’ve been looking for. Caravans are a fantastic way to get a healthy dose of adventure, without compromising the comfort of home. They come with:

  • Complete weather protection, no matter how severe conditions are.
  • Independence, because you don’t have to rely on resources and utilities around you.
  • Excitement, fitted with all the mechanics needed for safe off-road travel.
  • Convenience, because everything is packed and set-up within.
  • A sense of luxury, with high quality interior features to aid comfort & relaxation.
  • Flexibility, you can take you caravan absolutely anywhere to access stunning views.
  • Don’t wait, invest where it counts and make the most of your weekends with all of these benefits (plus more) with the best range of caravans for sale Melbourne.

The Caravans for Sale Melbourne at Maverick Campers

Maverick Campers is home to some of Victoria’s most stylish and reliable caravans for sale Melbourne. With a diverse range of options including configurations that can sleep up to 6 people, we have something in the range to suit every type of tourist. Whether you enjoy venturing off-track with a friend or partner or need something practical to keep everyone happy during weekend family getaways, we’ll walk you through the various features to find your perfect match.

Some of the qualities of our products include our hot-dip galvanised chassis’, independent arm suspension, effective shock absorbers and fantastic interior storage space. Our caravans vary in size, ranging from our compact hybrid Raptor 11 which has an extendable roof and window fold-out, through to our hard-roof Raptor 17 which is big enough to home an internal shower. Let us know what type of caravans for sale Melbourne interest you!

Caravans For Sale Melbourne
Caravans For Sale Melbourne

Coastal Cruising with Your Caravan in Victoria

Our caravans for sale Melbourne will change your lifestyle for the better, because there’s no sense of freedom that compares to a coastal cruise. Better yet, you can carry the comfort of home with you everywhere you go. Here are some of the best beach camping spots to take your caravan; regardless of what time of year it is.

  • Blanket Bay, Great Otway National Park: A great place for exploring marine life with plenty of opportunity for snorkelling and exploring.
  • Newhaven Beach, Phillip Island: One for the wildlife lovers, you might spot some of the gorgeous penguins that inhabit the island during a sunset parade.
  • Shoreline Drive, Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park: Pure golden sands with up to 115 campsites just off the beach.
  • Yanakie Campgrounds, Wilsons Promontory: A great place for avid hikers or fishermen, with stunning trails and waterfront views while you wait for a bite.
With both camper trailers and caravans for sale Melbourne that are geared up for convenient off-road travel, you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain when you choose a product from Maverick Campers. Chat with one of our camping experts and drop into our Campbellfield store!
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