Forward Fold Campers Melbourne

Forward Fold Campers Melbourne

The Home Of Forward Fold Campers Melbourne

With over five years of experience in the off road camper and caravan industry, Maverick Campers are your go-to retailers for rear and forward fold campers Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Canberra, and Tasmania. Owner Matt has over 20 years of experience in the retail industry, where he has gained a wealth of customer service experience. This is why the foundation of Maverick Campers is built on providing outstanding customer service as well as delivering quality products and prices.

As a South Australian based company, we understand what it is like to live in Australia’s extreme climate. This is why we stock only the best heavy duty off-road caravans and forward fold campers Melbourne. Our camper range includes the Rangers models as well as the Hornet, Malibu, and Matrix Duel Fold. While our range of caravans includes the Raptor 11, 13, 16, 16X and 17.

The Reason A Forward Fold Camper Is Perfect For You

If you are a relentless camper and love spending time in the great outdoors, look no further than Maverick’s range of forward fold campers Melbourne. If you’ve contemplated investing in a caravan but can’t seem to justify the cost, you might find that a camper is more suitable to your budget. Without a caravan, a tent is generally your next best option, but what if you could combine the two to create the ultimate convenient and authentic camping experience.

Forward fold campers Melbourne offer the convenience and comfort of a caravan, whilst still maintaining everything you love about the authentic camping experience. Unlike some fiddly and complex tents, a forward fold camper only takes about 5 minutes to set up. We all know the weather in Australia can be temperamental, which is why a camper is the perfect solution. No matter the weather, you can camp rain, hail, or shine!

Forward Fold Campers Melbourne
Forward Fold Campers Melbourne

Meet Our Rangers

Now you’ve heard about how great forward fold campers Melbourne are, it is time to decide which model is perfect for you. At Maverick Campers, we stock a variety of off road campers, packed with outstanding features as well as a range of optional extras.

Ranger: The Maverick Ranger Forward Fold Camper is perfect if you’re after a camper that can be set up quickly, it only takes five minutes to set up!

Ranger Slide: If your family is on the larger side, the Ranger Slide is perfect for you. With an en-suite tent and rear area, these forward fold campers Melbourne have enough space to sleep four full sized adults.

Ranger Air: As the name suggests, the Ranger Air is similar to the Ranger but significantly lighter. Weighing almost 500kg less than the Ranger, it’s lightweight make enables it to be towed by almost any standard vehicle.

Browse our range of off road caravans and forward fold campers Melbourne before you venture out on your next camping trip. To contact us, call our easy access Australian wide number on 1300 628 494. Happy camping!
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