Off Road Camper Trailers Adelaide

Off Road Camper Trailers Adelaide

Make Your Choice with Maverick!

Maverick Campers is home to a spectacular range of hybrid and off road camper trailers Adelaide, arming you with all the resources you need for an adventurous and comfortable get-away. Located right here in SA, we encourage our customers to drop into our Wingfield showroom to explore the range to see what your new home away from home could feel like!

Our designs significantly differ to accommodate the diverse types of travellers—whether you’re on the road weekly with a friend or partner, or need something with greater volume to accommodate the whole family during those long-weekend getaways. Our friendly consultants would be more than happy to isolate the options that fit your brief and highlight the features that make us the industry’s best. You can find and try our off road camper trailers Adelaide at 491 Grand Junction Road, Wingfield!

Need Something with a Bit of Grit?

If you’re serious about four-wheel driving, then it only makes sense that you’re equipped with one of the Maverick Campers off road camper trailers Adelaide. With the perfect combination of practicality and grit, our trailers are designed to facilitate the ultimate travel experience. Options within our range are:

Quick and easy to set-up
Highly durable, with galvanised steel chassis and drawbar constructions.
Spacious enough to accommodate up to 6 people for family travel.
Available in forward fold, rear fold and dual fold configurations.
Fitted with independent trailing arm suspension, which have 4x shock absorbers.
Each of our off road camper trailers Adelaide is backed by a 5-year structural warranty for peace of mind. And of course, each model is equipped with a variation of resources, storage solutions and amenities—ranging from gas stoves through to showers. Start searching for your ideal match today!

Off Road Camper Trailers Adelaide
Off Road Camper Trailers Adelaide

An Intro to Our Off Road Camper Trailers Adelaide

If you’ve only recently entered the market for off road camper trailers Adelaide, let us walk you through some popular design features.

Maverick Hornet Roof Top: The soft-top tent provides great protection in the event of flash flooding, and reduces set-up time to under three minutes. It comes equipped with a 3-burner cook-top with glass lid, and 4 x heavy duty lockable and adjustable stabiliser legs for sturdiness.
Maverick Matrix Dual Fold: Our Maverick camper trailer is definitely one of the luxury additions in our range. Adding extra homely appeal, this 6-berth dual fold camper boasts leather-look flooring, stainless steel kitchen construction and fully wired electrics.
Maverick Ranger Forward Fold: Coming in at a low $19,990, the Ranger an estimated set-up time of under 5 minutes. It comes in your choice of a carpet or vinyl inner finish, foldable steps, a foldable table and tent with anti-midge mesh.

Home to the most reliable and diverse range of off road camper trailers Adelaide, we’re guaranteed to the option that ticks all your boxes. Start by having a chat with our friendly consultants on 491 Grand Junction Road, Wingfield. You can also request a quote online, ensuring always your preferred features are accounted for!
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