Off Road Camper Trailers Melbourne

Off Road Camper Trailers Melbourne

What Type of Traveller Are You?

If you’re on the market for off road camper trailers Melbourne, how do you know what qualities to look for? Here are a few points that might help you work out what type of traveller you are:

Is hot-dip galvanised chassis an option? A hot-dip galvanised chassis is always the better option. The zinc provides a strong protective cover that prevents corrosion.
Where are you towing it? If you’re an off-road traveller, you need a trailer that’s fitted with the appropriate tyres and suspension to handle rough terrain.
How many people does it need to sleep? Our campers can accommodate up to 6 people, but of course we do have more compact options available if it’s just you and a partner or friend!
What battery management system do you prefer? There are both on-board systems and portable batteries available for off road camper trailers Melbourne.

Rear, Forward or Dual Folding Off Road Camper Trailers Melbourne?

One of the factors we didn’t previously mention when looking into off road camper trailers Melbourne is the configuration. You have the option of forward-folding, rear-folding or dual-folding which each serve a different purpose and come in at different prices. Here’s a brief run-down on how they differ from one another.

Rear-folding: The rear-folding campers are typically easier to set-up, with a simple winch system that can be managed by a single person. Because there’s less internal structure (with exterior utilities/resources like our stainless-steel kitchens) they also have great storage.

Forward-folding: While the forward-folding campers have a bit less storage space, they make up for it with excellent living and bed arrangements to maximise comfort.

Dual-folding: They’re a bit more expensive and less compact, but dual-fold campers give you the best of both worlds—with both comfortable interior living space and extra storage with the ability to sleep more people.

Off Road Camper Trailers Melbourne
Off Road Camper Trailers Melbourne

Why Maverick Campers?

Our off road camper trailers Melbourne are designed by travellers, for travellers, with an in-depth understanding of performance requirements to suit Australian conditions. Our goal is to facilitate the camping experience by providing all the features and resources your needs for a comfortable getaway—keeping the whole clan happy!

With 20 years of retail experience behind him (once owning 14 retail outlets spanning right across Australia), our founder has created a flawless customer experience by responding directly to market needs. The Maverick Campers team are trained to provide comprehensive advice, tailored solutions, and on-going support for peace of mind. Our campers are also backed by a 5-year structural warranty, instilling the camping confidence you’re entitled to.

With a diverse range of both caravan and off road camper trailers Melbourne, we’re certain you’ll find exactly what you need at Maverick Campers. Go for quality you can trust!

Browsing through off road camper trailers Melbourne can be pretty overwhelming, particularly if you’re new to the market! But Maverick Campers promise to provide a level of service that will guide you through the process with complete confidence and ease. Invest in a product that will make a brilliant contribution to your lifestyle!

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