Off Road Hybrid Caravan Melbourne

Off Road Hybrid Caravan Melbourne

The Off Road Hybrid Caravan Melbourne of Choice

An off road hybrid caravan Melbourne is that perfect balance between luxury and adventure, and Maverick Campers is home to an incredible range of that is designed for some serious adventuring. Undoubtedly one of our most popular choices is the Maverick Raptor 16 off road hybrid caravan, which is packed with value.

With plenty of interior space to accommodate the whole family (up to 6 berth), the Raptor 16 includes all the practical features you need to facilitate a comfortable and enjoyable journey. It has both internal and external kitchens, generous storage space, an external shower with both hot and cold-water, and even a bunk bed that can be folded away for convenience.

The exterior of our off road caravans is also designed to offer exceptional performance. The chassis and drawbar construction are hot dip galvanised for added protection against rust, with a reinforced aluminium tube body.

Why Choose Maverick Campers for Your Off Road Hybrids?

To create a seamless customer experience while shopping around for your off road hybrid caravan Melbourne, we’ve employed a team of passionate travel enthusiasts who provide all the educated advice you need to make the perfect choice.

We understand that every traveller is different, demanding different resources and features. That’s why we also offer products like our compact 4×4 camper trailers, with forward, backwards and dual folding configurations to suit your space and storage requirements.

Our range is backed by 1-5-year structural warranties, enabling you to hit the road with that extra peace of mind. Escaping with confidence is really what we’re all about, and even if you’re new to off road travel we’ll make sure you have all the right information regarding parts, servicing, road requirements and bonus features available to send you off with nothing but a brand new off road hybrid caravan Melbourne, and loads of excitement.

Off Road Hybrid Caravan Melbourne
Off Road Hybrid Caravan Melbourne

Where Will You Journey to Next?

The simplicity of travelling with an off road hybrid caravan Melbourne gives you absolutely no excuse to delay your next road trip. To get you started, we have a few recommendations for places that are well worth a visit.

Torquay—a lazy beachside location turned thriving surfers hot spot, Torquay has everything from enticing little surf boutiques to adventurous hiking trails.

Echuca—if the river is more your style, Echuca is the perfect place to settle in and take a relaxing paddle in a kayak. There’s also some amazing wineries and local produce available nearby.

And of course, there’s an abundance of magnificent spots to park up and take in the views along the Great Ocean Road if you have a bit more time on your hands. Let our experts guide you through the off road hybrid caravan Melbourne options so you can scope out these locations!

Luxury, freedom and complete practicality wrapped up into a tiny home for your convenience. Invest in the ultimate travel buddy with an off road hybrid caravan Melbourne from Maverick Campers. Call us on 1300 628 494, send your emails through to or stop by our showroom located on Hume Highway, Campbell Town.
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