Top South Australia Camping Destinations Part 1

Top South Australia Camping Destinations Part 1

The wilderness, astonishing coastline, and stark desert beauty of South Australia have captured the imagination of artists and explorers for centuries. Our sparsely populated state has a trove of other tourist attractions.

To help you plan your next camping trip, we have created this two-part series with what we think are top South Australia locations that every Australian should visit.

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1. Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is the third largest island in Australia and one of the country’s top natural jewels. This beautiful island is a must-do on your South Australia itinerary.

Pristine beaches, rugged coastal scenery, fascinating rock formations, caves, and close-up encounters with charismatic wildlife are the prime attractions. Besides its namesake marsupial, you can see koalas, seals, penguins, sea lions, and a diversity of birds in their natural habitat. Scuba divers frequently spot sea dragons in the crystal-clear temperate waters, and many wrecks lie sunken offshore.

2. Clare Valley

Picturesque pastoral landscapes provide a perfect setting for romantic weekend retreats, and the region is known for its flourishing gourmet food culture. Polish, English, and Irish immigrants initially settled the valley, and their culture and customs are still evident in the charming heritage towns and historic bluestone buildings.

Popular things to do in the Clare Valley include exploring the beautiful Skilly Hills; dining at the excellent cafés and restaurants; and browsing the local markets, gift shops, and art galleries. Each year in May, foodies flock here for the annual Clare Valley Gourmet Weekend, a celebration of the region’s abundant fresh produce.

3. Flinders Ranges

Named for famous explorer Matthew Flinders, the Flinders Ranges are a delight for nature lovers, photographers, and artists. In the shifting light of day, the arid landscapes provide a striking play of colors—from pale pink and gold to burnt orange. Despite the dry conditions, the area is home to a surprising abundance of wildlife (emus, yellow-footed rock wallabies, and flocks of brilliantly colored parrots inhabit the region).

The mountains run from north to south through the eastern part of South Australia, stretching northward for 400 kilometers into the scorched Outback. In Flinders Ranges National Park, the most scenic area of the region, a rich growth of vegetation cloaks the sheltered valleys, and wildflowers carpet the parched earth in spring. Top attractions here include the natural amphitheatre of Wilpena Pound with St. Mary’s Peak at its highest point, Aboriginal art at Arkaroo Rock, fossils, and part of the long-distance Heysen Trail named for the famous German-born Australian artist, Hans Heysen.

4. Fleurieu Peninsula

The picturesque Fleurieu Peninsula, top attractions include the beautiful scenery, wildlife reserves, and superb beaches like the sheltered sandy inlets in Gulf St. Vincent. Victor Harbor is one of the most popular beach resorts on the peninsula. Connected by a long causeway, Granite Island, protects it from the turbulent Southern Ocean and is a haven for kangaroos and penguins.

Other popular stops on the peninsula include the surfing hotspot of Port Elliot and the vine-draped hills of McLaren Vale, a prime grape-growing region. From Cape Jervis, at the tip of the peninsula, you can hop aboard a ferry service to Kangaroo Island.

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