Camper trailers South Australia

Why Is A Camper Trailer the Best Way to Travel?

It’s no secret why camper trailers South Australia have fast become the go-to choice for mobile accommodation. Here are some reasons why!

Tedious packing and unpacking no more: One of the only downsides to travel is the tedious work involved. Loading and unloading the car and trying to find places around the home to wedge your gear is less than ideal—but luckily camper trailers rule out the issue entirely, providing ample space to keep gear tucked away.

Forget planning, now is the time to get spontaneous: There’s no need for booking ahead, scouting for accommodation deals and struggling to find options that accommodate the whole family. Camper trailers give you the complete freedom to up and go wherever, whenever!

Fantastic stability on rough terrain: Our camper trailers South Australia boast independent trailing arm suspension with 4x shock absorbers, which equips them for even the most challenging tracks.

What’s the Difference?

If you’re new to travel with camper trailers South Australia, you might be questioning which configuration is right for you. At Maverick Campers, we stock a variation rear folding, forward folding and dual folding campers.

Rear folding: In a nutshell, rear folding campers are quick and easy to set up, provide ample storage space, and can effectively be set-up in any environment. The main points of difference include the slide-out kitchens, less furnished interior, storage locations (typically beneath the bed).

Forward folding: Forward folding campers provide the luxury, homely feel of a caravan, but with the convenience of a tent. With more internal structure, the bed is generally attached to the folding lid as opposed to the floor, which means you can leave your living space in-tact while travelling.

Dual folding: Our dual folding camper trailers South Australia provide additional sleeping space, accommodating up to 6-people.

Camper trailers South Australia
Camper trailers South Australia

Why Maverick Campers for Your Camper Trailers South Australia?

In the development of our camper trailers South Australia, we’ve accounted for all the details. Comfort, durability, practicality, simplicity and aesthetic design come together to create the ultimate sidekick for your next getaway.

But in addition to our outstanding designs, one area in particular that we excel is customer service. Our Director Matt has over 20 years of experience in the retail space, previously owning 14 outlets right across Australia. A priority of his became consumer confidence, which is making sure both new and experienced campers can genuinely trust in our products.

That’s why we invite you to our showroom and give you a comprehensive run-down of all the design elements, and encourage you to try before you buy. Additionally, our camper trailers are backed by a 5-year structural warranty your peace of mind. Make sure to drop into our Wingfield showroom, located at 491 Grand Junction Road!

Ready for your next adventure? Make Maverick Campers your first stop. Our camper trailers South Australia create the perfect middle ground between comfort, and a genuine outdoor experience. Call us on 1300 628 494 or send through an online enquiry!